Success Stories
  Cassie is a sweet & loving female Bichon (age 13) She is average size: 18 lbs. Her owner was being put on disability and had to move to an apartment that does not allow dogs and was beside himself with worry, wanting to find her a good home

One of our previous adopters who has gotten several dogs from us over the years and always takes the seniors or special needs dogs adopted Cassie! She loves roaming their big property in CT with her new mommy and her 2 other bichon buddies (also adopted from BFRNNJ). Cassie has a great home to live her golden years and will be cared for and spoiled as she should be.

  Sugar & Fluffy are a sweet mother & daughter bonded pair, ages 10 & 9. Their owner of 10 years was terminally ill and passed away the same week we took them into rescue. They were fostered by one of our caring fosters for over a month while we went about finding the perfect family for them.... and that we did. They are now part of a wonderful family with a mommy, daddy, and 2 young boys to play with. They will get the love and attention that they deserve. Yay Team Sugar and Fluffy!

  Kody (on right) was found on the streets of Newark, NJ in Dec. 2011. Fending for himself on the cold streets in winter, dodging cars and starving, a kind student took him in, vetted him, with all intentions of keeping him.

Unfortunately, his landlord was not agreeable to dogs and he contacted BFRNNJ to foster and find Kody a home. Kody was not a puppy, was shaved down and coming off extensive dental work. But that did not deter the Anderson family from MA, who saw him on Petfinder and fell in love. The harsh start in life did not damage Kody's sweet soul.

The Anderson's report that he spends his days with his bichon brother, Wally, and a day does not pass where he doesn't make the family laugh. Thank you Anderson family for opening your hearts and home to Kody.

  Merlin is a 5 year old bichon weighing 10.5 lbs. He came from a backyard breeding situation.

Merlin was a very shy and timid little bichon but once he met his new sister Bichon buddy... and his new family... he took over at the leader and came out of his shell.

He now exhibits bichon traits - bichon buzzing, prancing and snuggling.

Congratulations to Merlin who received his Christmas Present early in December 2012, and now has a wonderful forever home! We know he will be very happy here!

  This is Harley. He is a 5 year old, 9.5 lb bichon.

Harley came from a backyard breeder. Eventhough he spent most of his life in a crate, he is the sweetest, snuggly little bichon. He is very sweet, timid, loves to be with his human all the time.

Harley found a home with a wonderful lady that is now spoiling him with belly rubs and lots of kisses.